Race for Bergen County Executive

The race between incumbent Dennis McNerney - Democrat, and Bergen County Clerk Kathe Donovan -the Republican challenger was contentious and empassioned. I spent time over the course of two weeks with both candidates, and did this documentary piece that focuses not only on the campaign, but also what each candidates hopes to accomplish.

Then the results on Election Night. The people have spoken...

ALCS 2010 -Game 4 Yankees vs. Rangers

Recap of ALCS Game 4
Rangers shutdown the Yankees again, take 3-1 series lead. Texeiera lost for remainder of the playoffs

ALCS 2010 -Yankees vs. Rangers

Recap of ALCS Game 3
Rangers and Cliff Lee shutout the Yankees 8-0 to take 2-1 series lead.



Rabbi Israel "Sy" Dresner forged a Civil-Rights era alliance with Martin Luther King, Jr. Retired now and in his 80's, Dresner has an interesting story to tell about his relationship with King. He was an insider in the movement, and has a unique perspective that's pretty remarkable. Recently, he sat down with reporter Jen Cunningham and myself and recanted the time in his life when he would rally local clergy and make trips from Jersey down south, with the intention of getting arrested in acts of civil disobedience. He remembered with fine detail and excitement his role in the movement, reading a letter he received from King that he wrote from the St. Augustine, FL jail. He kept the letter, keeps a copy framed on his wall, along with some photos of him with King. he says Kind was the greatest person he ever met -and he's met some important world figures. His pride is apparent. Take a look. Read more.


Here's the latest Soundcheck with Alfa Garcia video. This one focuses on the quintet The Nico Blues. They are a a young independent band from Wayne, some are still in college. There are two sets of brothers, and one more guy. They are handling all aspects; including recording in their own basement studio. Take a listen or read the full story by Alfa on NorthJersey.com.

I love the instrumental at the front of this first song.


We've begun producing these music videos featuring local bands and musicians. Music reporter Alfa Garcia is the on-camera reporter. It's a work in progress. This is the 2nd one we've produced. This one was shot at the Music Merchant music shop in Westwood, featuring Dave Debiak -the lead singer of the local band New London Fire. Take a listen. Here's the story.