The Pequannock Little League got trounced, 14-3, in the state championship game by Bordentown. They simply didn't play well, and were stunned by the 9 runs and 5 home runs BT put up in the 3rd inning. They never got it going. Here's a look.


The Pequannock Little Leaguer's I've been following lost 5-4 to Bordentown -read Tim Leonard's game story that was ultimately decided on a close play at home plate. With the scored tied at 3-3 in the 4th, a Bordentown runner leaped over the tag of the catcher on a bang-bang play at the plate. In my video you can see what appears to be a slight brush off the leg by the catcher, but it's really too close to call. The ump called the runner safe -despite Pequannock's manager Dan Leva's protest.

PQ tied it back up at 4-4 on Anthony Scillieri's 2nd dinger of the night, but then Bordentown went ahead again on a home run in the 5th. It was a great game, very closely played.

The two teams will play for the state title on Tuesday night.


Pequannock and North Bergen South have made the New Jersey Little League state finals and play this week in a four team round-robin. Over 300 teams competed this year in NJ, in hopes of reaching Williamsport -the international Little League Championship round played in Pennsylvania.

Both teams are gearing up; Pequannock Little League has dedicated their season to a stricken teammate, and North Bergen South has beaten the odds all year. These two videos take a look at two special teams. Pay particular attention to the big surprise in the North Bergen piece -very funny...
North Bergen South Little League

Pequannock Little League


Soccer star David Beckham prepared with his team the Galaxy for Saturday's game against the Red Bulls -which ended in a 2-2 tie. Could hardly understand a word the guy said, yet he had sick tattoo's and gave us a good show in a light workout at Giants Stadium.
And yes, he did takes his shirt off.


A massive gas explosion in Teaneck flattened a home at 1320 Hastings Street and left one man dead. See dramatic video of firemen battling the blaze.

BTW, shot this video very quickly, using the Canon S5-1S. This is a terrific little digital point-n-shoot that captures great video. It's good for stills as well. This was a quick edit as well.

Here is time-line:

6:15pm explosion occurred
6:30 received work of a working fire
6:35 received word that house exploded, ran to my car ASAP
6:50 saw huge plume of smoke as I drove the 3 mile route from The Record
parked my car a ran through the yard of neighboring house, dodging police
7:00-7:30 shot video for neighboring yards, and behind police tape
7:30 left the scene, raced back to The Record to edit
8:30 had rough edit video posted on
9:30 had photo gallery of pictures shot by Leslie Barbaro, Michale Karas, and myself
next morning re-edited more complete video


Naturalist Nancy Slowik leads a tour of the little-known Greenbrook Sanctuary atop the Palisades. Greenbrook is a 165-acre gated nature preserve within the Palisades Interstate Park, high above the Hudson River.
Read the story by Evonne Coutros.

With its breath-taking views of the the river and NY, scenic pond and bog, and endless hiking trails, it's a nature lover's paradise -especially in a this economic climate where more people are staying close to home for vacation. Take a look.


Elizabeth Brown, my wife's cousin, was married on July 4th at a wonderful backyard ceremony and reception at her parents home near Allentown, PA. What a great wedding!

I used this spectacular affair to test drive the video capture on a new digital point-n-shoot camera, the Canon S5IS. The Powershot gets a big thumbs-up, and did a great job of not only capturing great video but the audio was remarkably good, especially considering all the competing sound; music, dinner clatter, talking, etc.

I didn't shoot very much, as I try not to work when I'm a guest, but I couldn't help myself.
Here's a video short from the wedding.

Congrats Elizabeth and David, here's to a lifetime of happiness and good fortune.