Bears Go Wild

Two orphan bears from the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge were returned to the wild by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. This video shows the bears being tranquilized, documented, then transported to an undisclosed location where
they were born. Read the story in The Record.

They were returned to region were they were born, watch them stagger from the transport cage into the woods. Look at the size of them, and they are mere cubs...


Ervolino gets laughs for Gilda's Club
Record columnist Bill Ervolino was at the Laugh-Off at Bananas in Hasbrouck Heights, a fund raiser for Gilda’s Club of Northern NJ.

Cub Caught

A 125-pound black bear was tranquilized and captured on a tiny Passaic River island in Paterson -the third largest city in New Jersey. Although bears often get lost in suburban towns during the spring mating season -when cubs are sent away by their mothers, to see one in the city of Paterson is highly unusual. This bear made his way onto a tiny island in the Passaic River, where he was tranquilized and caught by the city's animal control then turned over to Fish & Wildlife for a release at a later time.

NJ AT WAR; A wedding, then off to war

NJ Guardsmen Carmen Villegas and Victor Hernandez were married today in a civil ceremony at the Nutley Boro Hall, just weeks before Villegas' deployment to Texas for training before shipping off to Iraq.

Villegas serves in the same unit as her son, Filipe Diaz, also deploying to Iraq. This is perhaps the first time ever a mother and son have deployed together -in the same unit.

The couple will be separated for nearly two years, as they will not be deploying at the same time. He is with a different company that deploys in December. She leaves in June.

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Sorenstam announces she will retire

Annika Sorenstam announced today at the Sybase Classic at Upper Montclair CC, that she will retire from the LPGA Tour at the end of the year.

Sorentsam was matter-a-fact in her announcement. No Brett Favre sobbing act here, although she did reference his announcement saying she wanted to go out on top like Favre. Annika explained that she wanted to start a family and settle down. Here's what she had to say.


Amina and Mariam Kure of Teaneck will deploy to Iraq with the National Guard for their second tour of combat duty this summer. Inseparable since birth, the 25-year old twins will be sent their own ways for the first time in their young lives. Their mother, Libaba,is not happy and wants to know why her twins can't be given the same status as married couples. The Guard has allowed spouses to live together.

Kure has asked that her girls be allowed to stay together, but the National Guard has yet to respond. They deploy in mid-June.

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Imam faces deportation

Imam Mohammad Qatanani, the prominent Paterson-based Islamic leader, talks about his upcoming deportation charges.