Marcy Pryor's special-needs class at Franklin Avenue Middle School in Franklin Lakes has turned beaded necklace-making into a cottage industry. In the process, a unique learning opportunity has flourished.

Pryor teaches sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders in a self-contained classroom, with the assistance of aides Joyce Moskal and Maureen Bergin. The class has 10 students with a wide array of learning disabilities. Some function quite well; others are barely able to clutch a pencil. In the project, called "Beads & Me," students created necklaces of plastic beads, often containing word phrases, that clip on to ID badges. The project began earlier this year as a creative way to replace traditional pen-and-paper lessons.

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This is a photo of me with the Bead's-n-Me Kids. Note: I am proudly wearing my Beaded Necklace given to me by them.

It reads, "Take a Moment...To Picture This." THANKS!

Sadness at Orchard Commons

ALLENDALE,NJ 06/03/07 TREE CLEARING AT ORCHARD COMMONS PROJECT: A drawing of a sad face shedding a tear was placed near the Orchard Commons project where hundreds of trees were cleared on Friday to make way for for a housing project. Many area residents are upset about the tree clearing. Allendale had been intrested in purchasing the tract for a passive parkland.