The Jets hosted the Giants in the very first game inside the new Meadowlands Stadium, in a pre-preseason match up that was historical, yet meant very little.

Its big. Its slick. It's got lots of places to eat... but I was confused.
Having worked games, concerts, events in Giants Stadium for over two decades, it was very very strange to be covering a game in this building. I got lost a few times, it felt foreign, and its gonna take some time...


There is a bill proposed by Senator Robert Gordon could mean the dissolution of the municipality of Teterboro, New Jersey - a town with roughly 60 residents. Consolidation is a popular concept in these tough economic times, and Gordon makes a strong case for the elimination of tiny Teterboro. While others claim its a needed tax haven for small businesses.

Read story by Jean Rimbach in The Record.


Mini subs from Rutgers University are helping to predict spread of oil in the Gulf, and are playing a vital role in gathering date for the oil polluted waters.

After the oil spill, the Rutgers' Coastal Ocean Observation Lab sent down two research gliders, or mini-subs with sensors, to collect ocean data near Tampa. Read more .