This week, the House approved a bill that would make Paterson's Great Falls part of the National Park Service. Read this week's story by The Record's Herb Jackson.

This has been a long time coming. The Great Falls was denied such a designation in the 1970's just when it was poised and ready to join the NPS after a strong movement by city officials led by then mayor Pat Kramer -see video. Paterson was left at the alter by the Ford Administration, and left stranded without proper monies to make it a destination. Obviously, with the federal designation comes big federal dollars, making this a HUGE economic opportunity for Jersey's third largest city.

If you've never been, you should go. The Falls are sight to behold, smack in the middle of the city, in Paterson's rich historic district. It's a spectacle, one that changes with the seasons. In winter, much of the Passaic River freezes around the falls. In spring the water moves over the falls with such ferociousness, it kicks water spray into the air -so much so you often need a pancho.

Paterson is a city that never seems to catch a break. It's been a hard luck city. Perhaps now, finally, the Great Falls will bring proper recognition, and more importantly tourist dollars, to the Silk City. This is great news for the Great Falls.

Farewell to Chief Reda

Woodland Park (West Paterson) bids farewell to it's Police Chief Robert "Bobby Reda."


NJ Governor Jon Corzine called these tough economic times, "no ordinary recession," in his annual state budget address in Trenton, where he outlines some belt-tightening.


Troubled NHL player Sean Avery returns to the Rangers after clearing wavers. Avery was suspended and then released by his former team after making crude comments about his former girl friend actress Elisha Cuthbert of the television show "24" and the movie "Old School," and her hockey playing boyfriend Dion Phaneuf. Avery also dated Rachel Hunter, the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model and actress who is now the girlfriend of Los Angeles Kings center Jarret Stoll. Avery claims to be a changed man. Time will tell. Here's a look at his first day back with the Blueshirts.