Boardwalks are the iconic symbol of the Jersey Shore, now made more famous by a reality TV show on MTV -"Jersey Shore."

This is a staff produced video I edited and produced that takes a look at the three emblematic boardwalks na dthe influence the MTV show has had at the shore scene.

This is one that I had a lot of technical difficulties with, seems that I was dealing with some corrupt movie clips which I could not identify, and just wouldn't behave -PC kept crashing about every 5 minutes. Its a shame because I thought it had all the makings of a strong piece.

Colleague Karen Sudol did the reporting. Read more.

The GHOST busted

A fugitive accused of attempted murder who was featured on “America’s Most Wanted,” was returned Thursday to the Florida jail from which he escaped, not before he was paraded past reporters as he was escorted from the Passaic County jail.

Michael Jamal Rigby, 21, aka "The Ghost," is believed to be a gang leader in Poinciana, Fla., was accused of attempted murder and multiple other charges following a shooting during a July 2009 birthday party in which one woman was seriously injured. He also is alleged to have threatened a witness to the shooting.

Rigby, who dubbed himself “Ghost,” was tracked down and arrested by Paterson police on April 28. Read rest of the story.

Passaic County police release
America's Most Wanted featured Rigby ealier thsi year

Steinbrenner Remembered

photo by THOMAS E. FRANKLIN 1995

Yankees iconic owner George Steinbrenner died this week at the age of 80, leaving behind an unrivaled legacy. here is a staff produced video I edited on "Remembering King George."

photo by THOMAS E. FRANKLIN 2000

I was never a Steinbrenner fan (except on Seinfeld) and he drove me away from being a Yankee fan was I was young. He ruined as many Yankee teams as he helped and he drove me nuts with the endless pursuit of big name guys either past their prime, unable to perform in NY, or simply overrated. Not to mention the firing of solid managers, like
Dick Howser, Lou Pinella, Buck Showalter.

He created an atmosphere of paranoia at Yankee Stadium too, that reined fear and meanness upon those who had to work there. And although I have heard countless stories of his kindness and hidden generosity, in my eyes he was a bully SOB.

Here are two of my favorite photos of him, one during the Spring Training scab-era down in Ft. Lauderdale in 1995 -surrounded by reporters. This photo was taken shortly before a NY Post reporter and someone else in the media got into a testy shoving match on the field, to George's delight.

The other was of him sitting alone in the seats behind home plate at Shea Stadium before game 5 of the 2000 Subway Series -trying to look cool and tough.


Jeffery Jones was sworn in as the new mayor of Paterson, NJ, today, vowing change and a more open government.

Jones was a long-shot in a three-candidate race, and defeated entrenched incumbent Joey Torres, shocking everyone with the huge upset on Election Day.

Jones, 52, became the city’s 45th mayor. He spoke to the hundreds of people who poured onto Market Street to watch the inaugural festivities beneath the midday summer sun.
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