The Great Falls water park

More flooding...This week Paterson's Great Falls became a local hot spot, after the recent torrential rains. The historic Paterson Great Falls Park, which was designated as a national park last year (see my video), has lured visitors from all over the region to marvel at the surging waters.

The historic park designation will be a great great thing -not only for Paterson -but for those who have never been.

This place truly is a spectacle, well worth seeing, without a doubt.
The Great Falls in winter.

The Great Flood of 2010

North Jersey has more or less turned into a swamp this spring, as Nor'easters and horrendous storms have dumped record amounts of rain. Flooding has ensued, and wrecked havoc on low-lying communities and neighborhoods near swollen rivers. This is a staff video I produced, focusiing on Bergen and Passaic counties.


Tariq Zehawi, my esteemed colleague at The Record, just returned from a two week trip to Haiti. he was following a medical/religious group from Saddle River, headed by Dr. Mark Wade,who plans to provide short-term -and long-term care, for earthquake victims in Haiti. Tariq and reporter Joe Ax went down with Wade's group, and remained in Port Au Prince until Wade and his group returned a week later with more supplies. Read more.

I helped him edit this video, which is a little longer than most of the video reports we produce, which includes a lot of his photographs as well. Tariq did a fine job on this very difficult assignment.