Dorothy Parker -Grande Dame of the Algonquin Round Table

Dorothy Parker's reputation endures as one of the founding wits of the Algonquin Round Table, the president of the Dorothy Parker Society gives insight.

Read story by The Record's Lawrence Aaron.


For those of of you who want to relive the Giants magical Super Bowl XLII defeat of the Evil Empire, take a look at this video featuring still photos taken by my colleague Tyson Trish and myself.

It was the single most exciting and rewarding game I have every shot. And for me personally, now that I am shooting video full-time, it was extra special to be out there with a digital SLR and shooting photographs -my true passion.

What can I be out there mixing it up with the big fellas on the field after the game, making pictures in the midst of the mayhem and hoopla, was awesome -a feeling that will stay fresh in my mind for a long,long time...

BILL AT THE BOWL-Searching for Giants Fans

Bill Ervolino, the humor columnist for The Record, went on an evening prowl through Scottsdale in search for Giants fans, on the eve of Super Bowl XLII. However, Patriots fans out-numbered like 100 to 1, it was ridiculous. Check out Bill's moves in the Big Fat Greek Super Bowl scene... priceless.


Bill Ervolino, humor columnist for The Record, gives a tour of his posh hotel room. Anyone who reads Bill's column would know about his rant about Green Bay and the dearth of luxury accommodations. Phoenix was better, aside from the 40 degree temps...


Last media session before the big game. Worked with the ubiquitous Paul Dottino on this video, who was reporting for The Record as well as ESPN radio. Nobody does the Giants like the dude.