I interviewed dozen's of subjects for this pre-Election Day video commentary on the meaning of Barack Obama's candidacy for the office of President of the United States. I tried to interview as many thoughtful and insightful people I could, and mix together their comments. This is a sound-bite driven piece, with very little B-Roll. Each subject was asked the same question: "As an African-American, what does Barack Obama's candidacy mean to you?"


Local make-up artist Jeremy Selenfriend, of Emerson's A Monster in My Closet, makes up Chris Mann as Batman's The Joker for Halloween.


Hackensack University Medical Center reopened for business the ER at Pascack Valley Hospital in Westwood, 10 months after hospital went bankrupt and closed. The HUMC staff and community excitedly opened their doors at 9am today. Read full story by The Record's Lindy Washburn.


Legendary New Orleans jazz guitarist Warren Battiste has been living in Dumont ever since he fled New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. He is a well-known recording artist and will appear in an upcoming movie about Chess Records. Read the full story by The Record's Jim Beckerman.

I spent a few hours with Mr. Battiste in his tiny apartment in Dumont, a man as soft-spoken as his soothing guitar strumming. Having visited New Orleans a few months ago, we had much to talk about. He told me his harrowing tale of survival during Katrina, and his fending for himself after he made the fateful decision to ride out the storm by playing a Hurricane-gig at a downtown club. When the gig was over, and he realized he needed to get out of town as the storm approached, it was too late. Remarkable, he perservered.