The New Jersey Nets introduced a new team that features many new faces, and a roster of young talent. Today was their annual media day. Yes, they still have Vince Carter, but not much else other than some young unproven players. It should be an interesting season. Read The Record's Al Iannazzone's blog In the Zzone.


Bet you didn't know Eli Manning and I have at least three things in common. For one, we both have two brothers, albeit his older brother plays QB a little better than mine -but not much better. Secondly, we were both ran around on the field at University of Phoenix Stadium moments after the Giants trounced the Evil Empire in Super Bowl XLII. OK, he had a little more do with that than me, but I sure made some nice pics of it all. Even got a splash of Tom Coughlin's GaterAid bath on my sleeve.

And lastly, now we both have a wax statue at MadameTussauds in Mid-Town.

Here is a YouTube video someone sent to me. I've never seen it, or been inside. Wax people make me nervous.


This week marks the 7th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York. Hard to believe. To commemorate this important date, I put together some words and pictures that tell the story of my experiences covering the tragic events that day. Working on this piece and reviewing all my raw images from that day, brought back a rush of memories and emotions.

Many of the photos in this multimedia project have never been published before, and it was interesting to match the images to the words I wrote for the audio. To see it come together as a narrative was satisfying, despite the somber and devastating subject matter.
The Record published my story.

The Record's website did a 9/11 Anniversary live blog today, a comprehensive running report on today's commemorative events.


The NJ Division of Consumer Affairs will decide whether to require older high-rise apartment buildings to install sprinkler systems for fire safety. The Division of Consumer Affairs has until Sept. 17 to approve or reject the proposed regulations, which are being pushed both by fire departments across the state and the fire sprinkler industry. But rental apartment building owners, and individual apartment owners, have complained that the cost of doing so is too high. Read Joe Ax's story in The Record.

Today, fire officials and sprinkler industry rep's used a side-by-side fiery demonstration to show the effectiveness of sprinklers.