Both New York baseball teams opened-up brand new stadiums this year, and both clubs boast about how great the food is. With fancy fine-dining, world renown restaurants, and high-end eateries -the food options are vast. So reporter Jeff Roberts and I went on a tasting tour to see for ourselves just how good the food really is.

After experiencing both, I enjoyed the dining experience much better at Citi. The food was better prepared, higher quality, reasonably priced, and offered more open areas to sit or stand and eat.
Yankee Stadium was VERY expensive across the board, and just not very good. Nathan's dogs were small and over-priced, pull-pork was dry, yet the garlic fries and Italian ices were good.
Here are two video tours led by Jeff.

Citi Field eats

New Yankee Stadium Eats


The ATF detonated some cars, a mail box , and a mannequin, so they could work with police investigation teams and teach them new skills in how to look for clues and solve a crime after an explosion or suicide bombing. The exercise was held in a quarry in Millington. I got a flat on the way out, rear-left tire blew out after driving all over the rocky pit. Not fun.