SUPER BOWL XLII -Players Reverse Roles

Giants players Chase Blackburn and Gerris Wilkinson play reporter in this video, during the Giants final media session before Sunday's game. To break the monotony of the media frenzy, Paul Dottino and I were looking for a different take and asked these two seldom used players to run with it for awhile, so to speak. Not exactly text book reporting here, but interesting none-the-less. It's cool to see athletes let their guard down and have some fun.


BILL AT THE BOWL-The Grand Wheel

Bill Ervolino, humor columnist for The Record, at the NFL theme-park outside Phoenix University Stadium.


Kids at the NFL theme-park outside Phoenix University Stadium

BILL AT THE BOWL-Ervolino at Media Day

Bill Ervolino is a humor columnist for The Record. Here's his take on Super Bowl XLII's Media Day...


Obama Rally in Jersey City

Barack Obama rally at St. Peter's College in Jersey City.

Living in IKEA

Comedian & writer Mark Malkoff set out to live in the Paramus IKEA store for a week to make a web video.

Paterson Stands Up for Obama

Obama faithful see hope in N.J.
North Jersey supporters of Sen. Barack Obama, energized by his victory in the Iowa presidential caucuses, held a series of rallies Saturday a month before the New Jersey primary. Story.

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