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LT in trouble again -and he owes me $150

photo by Thomas E. Franklin / 1994

Disgraced football legend Lawrence Taylor was charged with rape, federal prosecutors said. Read the tawdry details.

Last week, I was covering this hideous story, see video below. It was a long day, and another sad chapter in the life of a former great athlete.

But there are two noteworthy asides to this story. His colorful lawyer, Arthur Aidala, and I went to college together at Purchase College. Although we were only casual acquaintances, he was a character back then, he looked different but I remembered him. We did however bump into each other at Yankee Stadium during the World Series last October, otherwise I had not seen Arthur since 1988. It was quite a surprise to see him defending Taylor. Watch the video, he put on quite a performance.

The other item of note, is an old story. LT owes me money.
Actually, its Al Porro who owes me. Porro was LT's attorney and business partner years ago-now he's a convicted felon. When they opened a restaurant together, on Rt. 17 near the stadium, -you may recall, it was sometime around 1990...they bought two prints from me of LT playing for the Giants, intended to hang in the restaurant or some office, I can't recall exactly. Only the check they sent me bounced, in fact I think it bounced a second time after the first one failed, but I can't recall for sure.

The story gets better. A few years later, I'm sitting in a court room in Hackensack waiting for the judge while covering an assignment for the AP; LT's in court for not making child payments or something. I've got time to kill, so I'm reciting this story about LT and Porro to a colleague, when the guy sitting behind me eavesdrops on my conversation. He then taps me, introducing himself as Porro's son, and asks for my card, promising to send ANOTHER check, assuring me it won't bounce this time.

That was 1992-ish, I'm still waiting for that check... So the way I see it, LT owes me $150 bucks.

As far as human beings go, he's not the greatest -for sure. But as a football player, he was the best player I've ever seen. The most dominating sports figure, other than Michael Jordan and Dwight Gooden in 1985, I have ever seen.