The Elvis Christmas House on Victoria Lane in Mahwah, is a well known Christmas season attraction. Perhaps the most visited Christmas lights display in North Jersey each year.

During Christmas week, droves of visitors drive by the house known affectionately as The Elvis Christmas House, which features a young Elvis dancing on the roof. The elaborate display is courtesy of home owner Tony Destro, Elvis performer extraordinaire.

Lines of cars move slowly past acres of lights, life-sized figures, and Christmas ornaments, to the gentle sounds of Christmas music. There's even a lake encircled by lights, with a Statue of Liberty replica on an island in the center.

This is an impressive a Christmas display by any measure. Breathtaking. It's worth the trip.

Christmas Cheer(leading) from the Franklin's

A little Holiday Season humor, give it a few seconds to load. Great web animation, and a cinch to create. I thank my neice Sarah and OfficeMax for making this available for free. Very cool...

Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12th is the annual celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe -the Virgin Mother and patroness of Mexico. Each year, the Holy Trinity church in Passaic hosts a nearly week-long celebration, which includes a religious procession of thousands of native Mexicanos and Latinos marching through the streets of Passaic with all things Guadalupe. Here's a look at the procession last Sunday.